Question: What is a common symptom of a Retinal Detachment?

Answer = D.  Lights and spots in your vision

Often the symptoms are easy to notice but it can be subtle at early stages depending on what part of the retina is affected.  In advanced stages, patients report a "blind" being pulled over the vision.  Thankfully, symptoms of lights and spots do not always lead to a retinal detachment, but you should be evaluated to rule out this condition.

Question:  TRUE OR FALSE?  People know when then have GLAUCOMA.

Answer = FALSE

The truth is that glaucoma is a condition that, in early stages, progresses slowly and without symptoms (with exception of types that are due to extreme pressure elevation).  Until significant damage to the optic nerve has taken place, your visual field changes go unnoticed and this damage is not repairable.  The key to preventing vision loss is regular eye assessments by a trained eye doctor.

Question:  TRUE OR FALSE? An advanced eye exam catches eye conditions earlier than standard testing.
Answer = True
Advanced imaging not only establishes a baseline to compare to future assessments, it can detect disease that is present now and analyze risk of future vision loss. Wide field retinal imaging and optical coherence tomography are just 2 types of advanced technology that we use at our office to protect your vision.

Question:  Diabetes and high blood pressure can be first diagnsed by an Optometrist.

Answer = True

Optometrists can diagnose many general health conditions by carefully examining the blood vessels inside the eye.  There are characteristic findings that can allow early diagnosis before serious problems arise.